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Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

Roadie with a laptop neon graphicIn the beginning…
There was a Roadie with a laptop. With lots of ideas.

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R is for Rave

July - Sept 2019

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C Have no fear, Procrastination Man is almost here. Inside, you may read about all the usual array of events, such as the Coldside fun day, Raves in Coast Nightclub, Mains Castle and The Ice Factory. There’s also a few charity events - various real ale/beer festivals as well as CRUK Relay for Life with DD8 Music. Everything is interspersed with all the random silliness and me-ness that people want to keep employing me for.
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P is for PAT

April - June 2019

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C We start off with WMT, a wrap-party and a guide to things you definitely shouldn’t put in a fridge. Things get busy with BonFest and Dundee Dance Event weekend; things get interesting while working for yet more other people and also for DUSA’s Grad Ball, fun fun fun. I start talking theological pish at DD8 Music LITD.
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New Year, Old Me

Jan - March 2019

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C New Year, Same Old Me. I don’t go in for any of that New Me pish. I do go in for: freelance work with new companies, more gigs with existing ones and the occasional charity gig and pub crawl in-between.
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