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Lighting, crew & technical services for events & theatre.

Roadie with a laptop neon graphicIn the beginning…
There was a Roadie with a laptop. With lots of ideas.

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July - Sept 2020

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie CThis is a special entry to help raise awareness of #WeMakeEvents.
The UK Live Events industry have supported the UK economy to the tune of £100Bn - but we are being ignored by the government when it comes to meaningful support. This cannot be allowed to continue.
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Acetone Paranoia

April - June 2020

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie CI started designing and making my own PCBs - part of which requires the use of Acetone, and I now have The Fear that I’m on a watchlist somewhere because of it. I’ve been converting more fairy lights to LED, making lightbulbs out of test tubes, programming PICAXE micro-controllers, making things out of stuff and burning my fingers while I do so.
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2020 Started Well

Jan - March 2020

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C2020 started out well. I was involved in a football awards show, a fashion show, several tribute bands at WMT, The Absolute Jam & Ocean Colour Scheme, a MOD gig and some freelance PAT testing - I even had root canal to sort my toothache. Then the world went to shit.
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