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Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

Roadie with a laptop neon graphicIn the beginning…
There was a Roadie with a laptop. With lots of ideas.

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Advanced Systems Design

December 2011

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C This was a project module from my (Hons) year. I show you how I replicated an electronic reverb processor by using a reverberant room and an array of mics fed back into a live mixing console. I also feature my virtual sound check, live re-amping and re-triggering.
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SDIM & Sonic Arts

November 2011

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C Sound Design for Interactive Media or Sonic Arts (we’ll get to that) was another solo college module, but formed part of larger exhibition with other students. I show you how I conceptualised and implemented recordings from my personal experiences and used them In an exhibition. I hope that by the time you click the “Read more” link, I’ll have written the article.
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Perth College UHI Archive


Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C What equipment I was trained on, my special interests and areas of audio production I studied.
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