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Lighting, crew & technical services for events & theatre.

Roadie with a laptop neon graphicIn the beginning…
There was a Roadie with a laptop. With lots of ideas.

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HCF 2012

July 2012

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C A round-up of my work experience from my fourth year of volunteering at the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Stornoway. I helped the lighting & PA crew install their respective systems. I also found out the difference between a ratchet-spanner and a socket-set.
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UHI Advanced Systems Design

December 2011

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C This was a project module from my (Hons) year. I show you how I replicated an electronic reverb processor by using a reverberant room and an array of mics fed back into a live mixing console. I also feature my virtual sound check, live re-amping and re-triggering.
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UHI SDIM & Sonic Arts

November 2011

Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C Sound Design for Interactive Media or Sonic Arts (we’ll get to that) was another solo college module, but formed part of larger exhibition with other students. I show you how I conceptualised and implemented recordings from my personal experiences and used them In an exhibition. I hope that by the time you click the “Read more” link, I’ll have written the article.
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UHI Perth College Archive


Cool and Groovy Blog graphic by Stevie C What equipment I was trained on, my special interests and areas of audio production I studied.
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Technical services for events, theatre, private parties, raves, discos, music production, weddings and charity functions. Tech Crew, sound engineering, on-location recording and mixing, PAT Testing, spot-op, cam-op, lighting setup and control, equipment service and repair, hire and sales, PCB prototype and circuit design, installation and consulting. Serving Dundee, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Arbroath, Carnoustie, Montrose, Monifieth, Broughty Ferry and Perth. Will travel further afield to Falkirk, Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh by appointment.