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Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

Perth College


This page has been created as an archive of my time at college.

Live Sound

I was trained to operate a number of live desks, including: Soundcraft GB8, MH2 & Spirit LX7 as well as a Mackie TT24 digital desk. I also developed an interest in live recording, using the TT24 pre-amps to send audio to my ProFire interface via ADAT Lightpipe. I was taught the principles behind acoustic theory & design, PA selection, configuration & tuning, fault-finding diagnostics & repair, amp & speaker matching, analog and digital signal processing & system management and the use of rack-mount inserts & plugins.

Sound Design, Foley, DAW & Multimedia

I was introduced to several DAWs including Pro Tools HD, Cubase, Reason and Logic. I used these for mixing in the box and for sound effects production; using raw source material - everything from my own voice, household objects and industrial machinery - captured with H2 portable recorders and treated with plugins and effects such as samplers and downmixed into stereo, binaural or surround output files. I also performed on-location recordings with binaural in-ear mics and microphone arrays, and in one case an Alesis Multimix belted into a car, powered from the lighter socket.

Studio Recording

I was trained on a variety of desks and surfaces including the MTA 980 & 990 and the Digidesign Control 24 & D-Command; as well as small-format desks such as the Alesis Firewire Multimix and Roland VS-840.

I developed a keen interest in re-amping, re-triggering, convolution reverbs and echo chamber capture. I experimented with microphone techniques such as multiple-mic guitar cab capture, ambient, close, distant and surround miking, double snaring and The Glyn Johns Technique to name a few.

Technical services for events, theatre, private parties, raves, discos, music production, weddings and charity functions. Tech Crew, sound engineering, on-location recording and mixing, PAT Testing, spot-op, cam-op, lighting setup and control, equipment service and repair, hire and sales, PCB prototype and circuit design, installation and consulting. Serving Dundee, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Arbroath, Carnoustie, Montrose, Monifieth, Broughty Ferry and Perth. Will travel further afield to Falkirk, Glasgow, Inverness and Edinburgh by appointment.