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Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

Perth College


This page has been created as an archive of my time at college.

Live Sound

I was trained to operate a number of live desks, including: Soundcraft GB8, MH2 & Spirit LX7 as well as a Mackie TT24 digital desk. I also developed an interest in live recording, using the TT24 pre-amps to send audio to my ProFire interface via ADAT Lightpipe. I was taught the principles behind acoustic theory & design, PA selection, configuration & tuning, fault-finding diagnostics & repair, amp & speaker matching, analog and digital signal processing & system management and the use of rack-mount inserts & plugins.

Sound Design, Foley, DAW & Multimedia

I was introduced to several DAWs including Pro Tools HD, Cubase, Reason and Logic. I used these for mixing in the box and for sound effects production; using raw source material - everything from my own voice, household objects and industrial machinery - captured with H2 portable recorders and treated with plugins and effects such as samplers and downmixed into stereo, binaural or surround output files. I also performed on-location recordings with binaural in-ear mics and microphone arrays, and in one case an Alesis Multimix belted into a car, powered from the lighter socket.

Studio Recording

I was trained on a variety of desks and surfaces including the MTA 980 & 990 and the Digidesign Control 24 & D-Command; as well as small-format desks such as the Alesis Firewire Multimix and Roland VS-840.

I developed a keen interest in re-amping, re-triggering, convolution reverbs and echo chamber capture. I experimented with microphone techniques such as multiple-mic guitar cab capture, ambient, close, distant and surround miking, double snaring and The Glyn Johns Technique to name a few.