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D is for Disco

May - June 2017

DMA’s at Fat Sams

While still learning about DMX, I had been asked to help with lighting last-minute for a DMA’s gig in Fat Sams Dundee, which I was not prepared for. I know from this what NOT to do - using disco scanners at a rock gig for instance. I also noticed a little quirk with my software regarding its control of my Sun Strips. The video is not mine.

Balmakewan Beer Fest

Later that week, I was asked again to do lights for bands, this time at The Balmakewan Beer Fest. I had crewed with the PA company the previous year, so had a rough idea of the venue, what had been done in previous years and what I wanted lighting-wise.

Balmakewan Beer Fest 2017. Lighting & PA Hire by audiowave.co.uk
Balmakewan Beer Fest 2017. Lighting & PA Hire by audiowave.co.uk
Balmakewan Beer Fest 2017. Lighting & PA Hire by audiowave.co.uk

I decided to try using the scanners again, and I thought I got away with it. I relied on t-bars to mount my scans, Sun Strips, wash bricks & par cans at the rear with more par cans and wash bricks at the front for facial lighting. I also used LED batons for lighting the backline.

Kirrie Thistle YFC Disco

DD8 Music were asked to help with a prize giving disco for Kirriemuir Youth Football Club. Perhaps this is one gig I should have used Sound2Light for instead of DMX. We had a stage invasion, which was scary.

Gin Fest

DJ Ross and I were booked for a Gin Fest held at The Bonar Hall in Dundee. We were asked for sound and lights, and stipulated that we were to receive drinks as part of our rider in return for the cheap hire they wanted. I got there to setup to find a sound system already in place, no drinks on the rider and an overly complex method of buying a drink.

DJ Ross playing at the Gin Fest in Bonar Hall 2017

Malmaison Disco

DJ Ross sent me ahead to setup for him in Malmaison Dundee, probably because he didn’t fancy humphing the gear up the massive flight of stairs.

DJ Ross playing in The Malmaison Dundee disco function suite

Southmuir School Disco

DD8 Music were doing a leaving disco for Southmuir Primary School, in the afternoon and with no way of blocking the daylight out of the gym hall. Graham learned the hard way why a touchscreen laptop was a bad idea when kids came to request songs. I spotted a possible Aspie and potential future roadie, this one kid who rather than dancing, seemed more interested in the lighting & PA setup.

Graham from DD8 Music DJing at Southmuir Primary School Leaving Disco 2017

LITD 2017

DD8 Music Live In The Den 2017. an overview of Kirrie Den from Tannage Brae.

It was business as usual this year at Live in the Den. After the derig, we headed up to the Airlie Arms for the DD80s Disco.

DD8 Music Live In The Den 2017: audiowave PA Crew
DD8 Music Live In The Den 2017: a leaf sitting on a monitor provided by audiowave
DD8 Music Live In The Den 2017: audience begins to fill up the Den


DD8 Music were also putting on an 80s Disco in the Airlie Arms function suite, with Graham and I tag-teaming on DJ duties. This gave me a chance to test my new toy: a Numark Party Mix 3 for my Mac. I’ll admit it was a challenge putting my playlist together as there were a few choons I thought were 80s, but were actually 1979 or 1990 etc.