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In the beginning…
There was a student with a laptop.
With lots of ideas.
But no beard.

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Advanced Systems Design

w/c 12th December 2011

In keeping with the more personal/human side of things, I thought that I should put together a companion piece to the more scienc-y ASD article.
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The exhibition follow-up

w/c 28th November 2011

I hope that by the time you click the “Read more” link, I’ll have written the article.
Only one way to find out.
Now that the exhibit is just a horrible memory (I jest), I should post a review-type thingy…
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w/c 21st November 2011

I have awoken with the sheer terror of having nothing solid for my Sonic Arts project.
Everything is either in the Ether, In the air Tonight, or just somewhere on my HDD.
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Sometime between October and November 2011

This month I have busied myself with live music gigs and as such, I am not complaining. However, it would seem I have also thus procrastinated over college work. Again, I’m not complaining.
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Calling Time

Sometime around mid October 2011, I think…

Time waits for nobody
More rantings of SAAS, Pink Floyd, getting chucked out of the pub and Gonzo Journalism…
I wish I had something more exciting to type here, but I do not.
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Updates Galore

w/c 3rd October 2011

Time for an update - literally
Rab C Nesbitt once said “I know what you’re thinking, because it’s exactly the same as what I’m thinking”. However, I’m not making a quantum leap between sound engineering and Russian history, or whatever…
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In the first week

w/c 26th September 2011

I have bad news and good news…
From problems with a finding a venue and the horrors of debugging Microsoft VB to the joys of actually conceiving something that resembles an idea…
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In the beginning

Monday, 19 September 2011

Let there be sound
This blog (I’m still trying to think of a humorous name for it) has been created to archive my thoughts, musings, findings, rants and such during the process of conducting my BSc (honours) degree projects…
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