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HCF 2012

w/c 9th July 2012

The week’s round-up of my work experience from my fourth year of volunteering at the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Stornoway. I found out the difference between a ratchet-spanner and a socket-set. ALSO: This month’s “Top Ten Music Trax”.
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Down but not out

w/c 11th June 2012

I’m down but not out - and keeping you in the loop.
ALSO: This month’s “Top Ten Music Trax”.
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Fri 13th April 2012

What if I’m wrong about my research?
Further thoughts of my “Immersive Audio” Capture, P.E.S. and Creative Media Applications.
Also, some very scary stuff.
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More Dissertation

w/c 2nd April 2012

"Keeping a pet pill bug requires a very moist habitat with limited light."[1]
Apart from an unrelated quote, you’re not missing anything.
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Joint Jurisdictions

w/c 6th February 2012

Following a discussion with my student advisor, I was able to develop a few ideas centered around capturing and recreating an immersive sonic experience - as well as how to possibly implement these findings in my Creative Media Applications module.
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Ideas on a Postcard, Please

w/c 30th January 2012

I’m still trying to determine which area of audio I should pursue for my research project.
I love Binaural audio and convolution reverbs and re-amps - but I’m sick fed up of the accompanying dry information concerning the subjects.
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2012: An Almost New Start

w/c 16th January 2012

An overview of 2011, and what is anticipated for 2012…
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