Sonic Art Blog: Week 4

Calling Time

Sometime around mid October 2011, I think…

Time: waits for nobody, is an illusion, is probably the best Floyd song ever - and is running out fast.


The past couple of weeks have flown past in a flurry of Gonzo journalism, during which I have reccied (why is Word red-lining that?) several more venues and have compiled the first executable application that is to showcase my work - Bootcamp/WinXP FTW :)

Visual Basic Sonic Art

Basically, you have a form with about 20 or so buttons on it, all of which are dynamically linked to a .Wav audio file - each being a binaural recording from my ears in various scenarios. Pass a click command into a pure virtual API function call into the Windows Shell (sounds scary, yet cool), initialize some .dll or other, and yes, I AM aware of the irony of posting my research on Apple iWeb.

Visual Basic Sonic Art Code

I wish my proposal was looking as promising. It’s looking like my proposal will be something along the lines of “Binaural as a realistic reproduction technique” - except it’s not good enough. Just ‘cos.

Aside from being messed around by SAAS, I spent my days drinking cheap scotch and worrying about my proposal. My dissertation proposal that is - and scotch isn’t a dissertation-inspiring beverage, so Powerthirst wins.
I’m too energetic for normal proposals. Gahh, I digress…

Listening to:
Oasis - Force of Nature
(The drums sound a bit like Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing…)

Duran Duran - Ordinary World
(The left-panned vocal makes a nice change…)

Opiuo - Robo Booty
(Nothing like a bit of Glitch at 2am…)

Pub time…