Sonic Art Blog: Week 7

In the 7th week

w/c 28th November 2011…

As the exhibition is all over and done with, perhaps I should fill you in….

The feedback has been 100% positive, and criticism has been constructive :)
If you came on down to the North Inch campus to see our work, a very big thankyou :)
If you didn’t, why not?!? :P

While everyone agreed that the sounds were very realistic, there were a few who commented on the source of the material.
In hindsight, perhaps there could have been a larger array of source sounds - given a bigger time frame.
One comment in particular was that there could have been a slight variation, i.e. several cafes in addition to the pubs, and shopping malls in addition to the kiosks - you get the idea.
All these will be coming in version 2.0. I may even consider compiling a Macintosh and Linux Ubuntu/Debian binary.

Sonic Arts Screenshot

Free Sample

You may download my binaural audio sampler (for 32-bit Windows) complete with binaural audio samples.
First, Click Here to download my binaural player .ZIP [64 Megabytes]
Then, unzip/de-compress the folder to your hard drive
Then double click “Supersonic.exe” to launch it.
NOTE: This only works with headphones, not speakers.

Information & instructions can be found within the executable.

If you do not use Windows (Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris etc…), or the player doesn’t boot, you can still listen to the wave audio files on your computer, provided you use headphones.

Once you have sampled the Binaural recordings, please consider emailing me to tell me what you think .

Pub time…