Sonic Art Blog: Week 1

In the beginning

w/c 19th September 2011…

Let there be sound
This blog (I’m still trying to think of a humorous name for it) has been created to archive my thoughts, musings, findings, rants and such during the process of conducting my honours year projects. Specifically, my sound design for interactive media (sonic art) project.
Anecdotes, moaning and comma splicing ahead.

Don’t be fooled by iWeb’s date handler - I’m not a Monday person by nature; this blog is typed in retrospect to the happenings and findings of the week.

I cannot deny it; this initial week has been scary.
Hairy scary.
Although the dust of initial panic and confusion that usually accompanies the start of any course year has settled, it has subsided to reveal another storm on the horizon.

Tabloid journalism over, our year has been tasked with organising a sonic arts exhibition. Should be simple really: find a venue, setup exhibition, get people through the door, get said people to fill out questionnaire, collate data, report findings back to blog and lecturer. Right?

However, this is easier said than done.
First problem: I need an idea.
A good one - and fast.

Pub time…