Sonic Art Blog: Week 2

In the first week

w/c 26th September 2011…

I have bad news and good news…

The bad: besides the previous problem of not having an idea, I (and the rest of the group) require an exhibition space complete with audience. Having been informed that it’s in our best interests to find viewing space outside college grounds, we set about contacting galleries.

However, to our collective dismay, we quickly found that even the smaller galleries had a waiting time of three years; our time frame being six months.
Big eek.

So basically, there’s a two week window to find an alternative venue - I’m going to give a select few art-orientated venues in Dundee a visit/nervous phone call.

The good: I have a concept. A reasonably workable and multifaceted concept. It’s going to be some type of demonstration involving Binaural virtual 3D soundscape simulation type thing. It’s still rough around the edges.

The main idea revolves around capturing and reproducing several realistic binaural soundscapes - the obvious problem being how to easily allow an audience to experience the auditory phenomenon in an interactive manner. Looks like my Microsoft Visual Basic coding skills are going to be useful after all :)

However, using MSVB restricts the scope of the project. It makes the design and implementation ramifications far simpler as I would be coding a graphical user interface with several command buttons; each of which plays back a different sound (i.e. a Binaural recording).
However, what this does not permit is the reproduction of a vocal through a custom convolution reverb (to allow the listener to insert themselves into my world/ears; possibly not the best place to be anyway).

Logic doesn’t run on Windows, and I can’t code for Mac. I wonder if Tux the penguin will save the day?

The ugly: the fact that I have approximately twelve weeks to complete this project…

Interesting anecdote: one of the venues I visited had a very crisp reverb which I plan on sampling with Logic’s Space Designer plugin.

Reading list:

Audio-vision: Sound on Screen
-- Chion, M

Sweet anticipation: Music and the psychology of expectation
-- Huron, D

Pub time…