Sonic Art Blog: Week 6


w/c 21st November 2011…

This is it folks…
The event takes place in North Inch Community Campus, Perth.

Noise Poster

Having made several software revisions (to make the GUI more user friendly) and polished a few (well, alot actually) late audio additions, I think I’m finally ready to exhibit. Yay.

Visual Basic Sonic Art

Looks better than before

Like everything else (including writing essays), once I got into the full swing of things, recording all my binaural sounds was quite possibly one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I say this without hyperbole.

Either Binaural sound recording gives me my adrenaline rush, or I don’t get out much, I’ll let you decide.

By involving myself with the preparation of the audio content, I have become even more aware of the surround sound that occurs naturally in everyday life (see Spatial Audio, Rumsey).
Many a time this past week alone, I have been sat on the bus, in a pub or in a shopping mall and just thought to myself: “This would be binaural gold!!!” and “If only I had my recorder with me for this helicopter/outside gig/percussion recitial/bar room brawl/Perth drugs bust complete with ten police cars and dog squads all around the street” etc.

So in closing, I hope the people find the binaural audio as exhilarating to listen to as I did to produce.

Pub time…