Sonic Art Blog: Week 3

Time for an update

w/c 3rd October 2011…

Rab C Nesbitt once said: “I know what you’re thinking, because it’s exactly the same as what I’m thinking”.
I’m not making a quantum leap between sound engineering and Russian history, or whatever… I’m creating a blog within a blog.

As it happens, it’s my server that needs the update - as I’m trying to upload an Apple iWeb site to a server running Microsoft IIS v6.0 via AOL… which causes problems…

In a nutshell, any ASP files from my server display correctly. However, HTML files generated by iWeb do not receive the same special treatment from Microsoft as my ASP files do - so I basically have to convert all my HTML files to ASP.
Easier said than done.
However, if you are reading this, then all is well in the land of Steve.

In other news, the sound design for interactive media project is slowing down again, however, I (or rather, WE) now have several venues lined up for our exhibition. Sadly, the ideas and inspiration have been lost in the mail - but that’s another blog for another day…

Aside from the obvious choice of an art gallery in Perth city center, the other venue candidates were the Dundee DCA and Dundee Sensation Science Center - both of which have large numbers of people already visiting, thus making advertising much easier.

Reading list:

Microsoft IIS for Dummies

ASP.NET for Dummies, second edition

Pub time…