Sonic Art Blog: Week 5


Sometime between October and November 2011…

This month I have busied myself with live music gigs and as such I am not complaining. However, it would seem I have also thus procrastinated over college work.
In a way, I’m not complaining about this either :)

I am no further forward with sourcing a suitable venue to exhibit my work in; however I have finally conceptualised my Advanced Systems Design, Sonic Arts and research projects. Details to follow. Go me.

Sadly, for my lazy-bone, my ASD and Sonic Arts projects cannot be combined. Doing so would would require more work, and thus defy the point of being a lazy bum.

Feel free to browse through my photo gallery for proof that I have been gigging, and not “lying in my y-fronts and eating Doritios while watching Dave”.

On a more sonic-y art-y note (I’m doing a BSc, not a BA), I’m quite looking forward to performing my binaural recordings - and including them as original research for my dissertation. 10,000 words on binaural sound reproduction and the possibility of it replacing sense of sight altogether? GAME ON!

I have since realised that I could quite as easily code the exhibition interface in HTML with JavaScript instead of VB for Windows…

I have already sourced several recording locations, and am getting quite excited about this. I don’t want to spoil the surprise however…

The inspiration:

Reading List:
Spatial Audio
-- Rumsey, F

Pub time…