Happy 2012

New Year - New Stuff

A very belated w/c 16th January 2012…

2011 has left the building, and I am no nearer to my Audio Lecturer Simulator VST plugin, collection of environmental reverb impulses for Logic Pro, or meeting Alan Parsons, Lemmy, Ozzy or either of the Gallaghers.

Like a guy making a New Year’s resolution to take out a gym membership after putting away too much over the holiday season, I’m determined to get back into the studio to exercise my ears.
Oh, how I long for a pair of NS-10Ms.

However, having successfully completed my sound design exhibition and advanced systems design, I have gained further insights and ideas.
Wait for it…… Binaural reverb impulses!

In 2012 I aim to collect the reverb impulses as discussed in previous entries, as well as make tracks to advancing my research project. I’m still unsure of whether I should evaluate the use of stereo vs binaural capture - possibly for the purposes of realistic reverb capture or even bootlegging live performances.

Anyway, just so I have something to type… I have discovered a new Foley sound. I say new and discovered, however, what I mean is that I have just discovered it. It probably isn’t new either…

If you want the sound of a thunderstorm brewing, boil a pan of water (miked up of course)… when it reaches boiling point, turn the gas off and throw a wad of salt into the water.
Thunderstorm. Nice.

Thus endeth the cookery lethon. I must get this lisp seen to.

Costa time…