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Bon Fest - Ride On!

Bank Holiday Weekend May 2013

I had a sensible Friday, as DD8 Music had elected to run BonFest over Saturday-Sunday to allow fans to take advantage of the bank holiday weekend. So instead of heading down The Salty Dog for some funky grooves, I stayed home to gather my energy.

I Headed into Kirriemuir on Saturday morning surprisingly un-refreshed (I now understand what Frank Sinatra meant), my DD8 “boss” and I got cracking on setting up the moving Bon Scott stage. This was one of the exhibits kicking off the Bon Fest weekend: a recreation of the music video “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock n Roll)” through the streets of Kirriemuir.

DD8 Music’s Graham Galloway and Stevie C setting up the flatbed truck for the Bon Fest music video

Besides the “OH PLEASE NOT NOW” problem of the PSU in the mixing desk not liking the 300 Volts @ 57Hz the gen-set spat out, we rode off and rocked on at precisely 1:02PM. If you look closely, you’ll see me - purple hood and groovy hat - multitasking: mixing and hanging on for dear life. I didn’t get the sound quite right - mixing on the back of a moving truck after a 20 second sound check is a new experience for me.

Watch a fan video HERE.

Buon Scotch recreating “Long Way To The Top” in Kirriemuir Town Square

After performing a working pub crawl (helping with PA systems for Bon Fest bands in local pubs whilst enjoying the odd ale or three), we moved into Kirriemuir Town Hall on Saturday afternoon to assist audioWAVE with PA and Joe Hawke with lighting. We were using a D&B C4 system with JBL SRX subs and several dozen kilowatts of PAR cans. :)

DD8 Music Bon Fest in Kirriemuir Town Hall - PA and lighting system setup
DD8 Music: Bon Fest in Kirriemuir Town Hall with a few fans rocking out

If only I’d had the time for a shot on the AC/DC pinball machine that had been installed in The Roods bar especially for Bon Fest. I compensated by changing the .mid files in Pinball For Windows to “Hells Bells.mid”.

DD8 Music Presents Bon Fest 2013 at Kirrie Town Hall: Buon Scotch
DD8 Music Presents Bon Fest 2013 at Kirrie Town Hall: Buon Scotch

In the wee small hours of Saturday Night/Sunday Morning, I headed off to my mate Ciarán’s comfy sofa in front of a roaring fire…

A well earned rest in front of my mate Ciarán’s fire after bon fest was finished

I awoke some hours later on Sunday Morning, wondering why Ciarán had also chosen to sleep on the sofa - instead of his bed. I had a very busy day ahead of me.

DDE: Dundee Dance Event 2013

Not only had I volunteered for Bon Fest, I had also agreed to supply disco and party lighting for Dundee Dance Event being held in The Salty Dog pub. There was no doubt in my mind that with all the hard rock, lights, PA systems, AC/DC lager, Salty Dog Cocktails and monumental bus journeys that this was going to be a night to remember - but possibly for the wrong reasons.

I had to move several loads of lighting equipment (festoon harnesses, lamps, scanners, a vorma, a verin, LED strings, power strips etc) into Dundee on a bus on a Sunday Afternoon.

Salty Dog does Dundee Dance Event
Salty Dog does Dundee Dance Event
Salty Dog does Dundee Dance Event

Come Sunday Night, I had to navigate my way from Dundee to Kirriemuir, only for the bus to terminate in Forfar. Frantically, I managed to score a lift to Kirriemuir at the eleventh hour.

DD8 Music presents Bon Fest 2013: B/O/N The AC/DC Show
DD8 Music presents Bon Fest 2013: B/O/N The AC/DC Show

This was a mad weekend, which although knackered me for a month, has been immense fun. I think I’ll stick to doing one gig at a time in future.

One more thing…

DD8 Music plans to honour the memory of Bon Scott by erecting a bronze statue in Kirriemuir, his hometown. 2017 Update: This has now been accomplished.

I’ve been listening to a lot of AC/DC, can’t imagine why.

Permaculture time…