Live in the Den 2013

17th August 2013…

Live In The Den is an annual free music event held in Kirriemuir and organized by DD8 Music. It’s an opportunity for locals and not-so-locals alike to come down to Kirrie Den and enjoy the best of local music talent as well as the barbecue, the stalls and maybe a few tinnies.

We had been told to be in the Den for 9am. So, once off the bus and out of the greasy spoon I was down at Kirrie Den for 8:45, just in time for audioWAVE arriving, and a few other helpers from DD8 (the rest having had a late night).

Having been hot and sunny the previous few days, it was a bit of a downer when we (the tech crew) gathered in a mushy field under an overcast sky. The few odd drops of rain signalled that we should probably erect the marquee first…

It brightened up later on, which was a pity as the morning’s bad weather had put people off coming.

The rain stops people coming down for Live in the Den

The rain stops people from coming down… :(

Dodgy Technicians?

As inevitably happens, the sound crew fancied a cup of tea. So because I was elected as the runner, I had the choice of making several trips to the town center every time someone fancied a brew, or nicking the kettle from the studio. The only problem was that the sound gear was running off 3 x 13amp outlets at the stage end, leaving a fourth spare. As a 13amp probably wouldn’t (and the engineer was dubious about trying to) support an Allen & Heath GL4400 PSU, an outboard rack as well as a kettle, the only option was to run up onstage between acts to boil the kettle. Everybody sing the Dodgy Technicians Theme Song!

At the bigger festivals, this isn’t a worry as there are hundreds of amps available on umpteen supply phases. I’ve seen techies backstage with coolers, kettles, toasters, waffle irons and even space heaters…

Did someone say cheeeese?

DD8 Music peeps

DD8 Music peeps :)

In the event of a problem (e.g. running out of Gaffa Tape), please contact a DD8 STEW

In the event of a problem, please contact a DD8 STEW :)

DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 The Mandrakes & Kirrie Den overview

The Mandrakes & Kirrie Den overview without a fancy lens :)

DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Sonnet 65 DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 The Mirror Trap

Sonnet 65 & The Mirror Trap

DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Darth Elvis and The Imperials

Darth Elvis and The Imperials :)

DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Sound Hire and engineering by audioWAVE PA Hire DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Sound Hire and engineering by audioWAVE PA Hire

Sound by audioWAVE :)

DD8 Music Kirriemuir Live in the Den 2013 P.A. DERIG time!

DERIG! (then pub) :)

The answers and other stuff.

I was speaking to my Grandad (who is a qualified Sparky) about cabling and power distribution for an upcoming private function I’m doing lights and sound for, when he just rattled off all these different codes for identifying differing types of flex and cable. I thought at the time “How can anyone remember all these codes?” - when really it’s no different to all the HTML character entities like “’” I’m typing as I think of this…

I also had an interesting conversation in the pub after Live in the Den with a (literal) couple of DD8-Buddies™ about binaural hearing, autism, acoustic filtering and shut-downs/overloads. If anything has given me a kick up the backside to work on releasing version 2 of my binaural sampler software, It’s this.

I also got screwed over at the Jobless Center, and I will not rest until my useless “adviser” Kathryn (who believes that an over-the-counter pill can cure Autism and that you get paid for voluntary work) is sacked, but that’s another blog for another day. If anyone wants to do a rave/free party/disco somewhere (private land, a field or forest in the middle of nowhere etc) with lots of lights, just give me a shout.

So, What do a rubber mat, kettle, an Allen & Heath GL4400 and Converse All Stars size 11s have in common? They were all used at Live in the Den 2013. “And just what is the difference between a can of AC/DC lager and an AC/DC t-shirt?” you ask. There was a case of AC/DC lager won in the raffle, however there were no t-shirts to be won. I’m running out of stuff to write.

I suppose you could always obtain a t-shirt by donating to the Bon Statue. You could hold a seance and get Bon to sign it for you?

One More Thing…

Have YOU donated to the Bon Scott Statue?
Click for more info about the statue from DD8 Music.

Stevie’s Top 20

  1. “& Down (Original Mix)” Boys Noize
  2. “Arcade Robot (Original Mix)” Boys Noize
  3. “Superstylin’” Groove Armada
  4. “Sex Drive” The Rolling Stones
  5. “One More F*cking Time” Motörhead
  6. “The Mirror Conspiracy” Thievery Corporation
  7. “Can’t get Blue Monday out of my Head” Kylie Minogue & New Order
  8. “Won’t Talk About It” Beats International
  9. “Call On Me” Eric Prydz
  10. “Mucky Weekend (feat. Rodney P)” Dub Pistols
  11. “Half Man Half Machine” Goldie Lookin Chain
  12. “Ballbreaker” AC/DC
  13. “Whiskey on the Rocks” AC/DC
  14. “Hells Bells” AC/DC
  15. “Kill it, F*ck it” Tha Trickaz
  16. “On Standby” Shed Seven
  17. “Get Ready” Congo Natty
  18. “Soily” Paul McCartney & Wings
  19. “Night Nurse” Gregory Isaacs
  20. “Ralph Wiggum” The Bloodhound Gang

Time to explore more music…