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Live in the Den 2013

17th August 2013

Live In The Den is an annual free music event held in Kirriemuir and organised by DD8 Music. It’s an opportunity for locals and not-so-locals alike to come down to Kirrie Den and enjoy the best of local music talent as well as the barbecue, the stalls and perhaps a few tinnies. I was down at Kirrie Den for 8:45, just in time for audioWAVE arriving, along with a few other helpers from DD8.

Having been hot and sunny the previous few days, it was a bit of a downer when we gathered in a mushy field under an overcast sky. The few odd drops of rain signalled that we should probably erect the marquee first… It brightened up later on, which was a pity as the morning rain had put people off coming.

The rain stops people coming down for Live in the Den

As the elected runner, I had the choice of making several trips to the town center every time one of the sound crew fancied a brew, or nicking the kettle from the DD8 studio. I had to run up onstage between acts to boil the kettle so as to avoid tripping a breaker. At the bigger festivals, this isn’t a problem due to the umpteen supply phases; I’ve seen techies backstage with coolers, kettles, toasters, waffle irons, hair dryers, curlers…

DD8 Music Crew
In the event of a problem (e.g. running out of Gaffa Tape), please contact a DD8 STEW
DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 The Mandrakes & Kirrie Den overview from up the hill
DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Sonnet 65
DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 The Mirror Trap
DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Darth Elvis and The Imperials
DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Sound Hire and engineering by audioWAVE PA Hire
DD8 Music Live in the Den 2013 Sound Hire and engineering by audioWAVE PA Hire
DD8 Music Kirriemuir Live in the Den 2013 PA derig

I was speaking to my Grandad (who is a qualified Sparky) about cabling and power distribution for an upcoming private function I’m doing lights and sound for, when he just rattled off all these codes for identifying differing types of flex. I wondered how he stored all this in his head, when it’s no different from me memorising HTML character entities or resistor color bands.

So, What do a rubber mat, kettle, an Allen & Heath GL4400 and Converse All Stars size 11s have in common? They were all used at Live in the Den 2013. I’m running out of stuff to write.

I’ve been listening to Boys Noize, Groove Armada, Thievery Corporation, Goldie Lookin Chain & Gregory Isaacs.

Time to explore more music…