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Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

Gigaweek (unit of measurement)

Oct - Nov 2013

Once upon a time, I wished for a gig (or more) per week - and now I have achieved this. Some voluntary, some not, but a gig is still a gig. I’d like to think that means I know what I’m doing. A Gigaweek then, is just that - a measurement of acquiring gigs. Not - as Google et al may try to tell you - a billion weeks or whatever.

I initially imagined that having one or several claims to fame would have helped my Gigaweek rating. Such claims may include: featuring briefly on the HebCelt Fest’s website slide show, appearing on a flatbed truck being driven around Kirriemuir in countless fan videos or annoying KT Tunstall backstage. But a backstage job well done does not make for fame, perhaps the black camouflage is the reason. An IT technician is only called out when something goes wrong, and is rarely thanked for saving the day.

Anyhoo, I was asked to “be the light fairy” (a DD8 nickname) at a 50th Birthday Bash in the Northmuir Hall, Kirrie. Sonnet 65 were booked to play their own eclectic mix of covers and original material.

50th Birthday Party with Stevie C’s LED flood up-lighters, Disco lighting and LED fairy strings
50th Birthday Party with Stevie C’s LED flood up-lighters, Disco lighting and LED fairy strings
The Northmuir Hall in Kirrie: the snug lit with mood lighting
The Northmuir Hall in Kirrie stage/band lighting setup for Sonnet 65

Oxjam 2013 (Abertay Union)

I was volunteering at the Oxjam music festival in the Abertay Union. As I was early, I was on-time, but that didn’t quell my panicky moment. I got the opportunity of mixing on an Allen & Heath GL series with parametric EQs and all the outboard I could ever wish for. I may have weirded out the other guest engineers by stringing LED fairy lights above the desk; but without them it was so dark that I couldn’t see the values on the pots.

It was disappointing because of the 12 or so audience members while I was mixing - however, more arrived as the afternoon turned into evening, and our mixing shifts changed. Aside from the anxiety and my brain occasionally slowing down, I was mixing decently up to a point, after which I over-mixed. At least I got the drums gated and compressed to perfection, according to one of the other engineers.

Oxjam 2013 Dundee Takeover Abertay Student Union, PA supplied by audioWAVE
Oxjam 2013 Dundee Takeover Abertay Student Union, PA supplied by audioWAVE

If any of the other Oxjam engineers are reading this and want to get in contact with me, please do. I wasn’t that talkative due to stress, but I’m actually quite nice.

DD8 Music Stuff

We had been helping with a disco for Kirriemuir Brownies, but taking pictures in a room full of kids looks dodgy. DD8 Music were involved with the Macmillan charity fundraiser in Northmuir; I can’t remember the exact amount raised, but it was a 3 figure sum. I did my bit and enjoyed several Mocktails. We were also doing the fireworks up the hill gig at Camera Obscura.

DD8 Music Macmillan Charity Band Night with Around 7, Just Katie, Jack and Philip & For The Cause. Disco lighting provided by Stevie C.
DD8 Music Kirriemuir and District Round Table Bonfire & Fireworks night

Pester Power

I’m still not getting the hang of this networking malarkey. I know it’s “who you know, not what you know”, but where is the line between a casual reminder that you’re interested in working with them, and annoying them? I got some work installing a customised chandelier made from LED strings, so I am getting better at all this. I was interviewing for a 9-to-5 job, and the first thing I was asked was “So why are you not away being a Roadie for a band?” I couldn’t answer.

On the way back home, I asked a passing cat if it had any jobs going. All it said was “Meow”. I later got a call booking me for Panto this December. Onwards and upwards. That cat must have some powerful connections.

I’ve been listening to Congo Natty, Madeleine Peyroux, Guns n Roses, KOAN Sound, Morrissey, INXS & Scorpions.

Time to get more gigs…