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What I’ve been up to…

Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

DD8 Music fundraiser

October - December 2015

DD8 Music organised a fundraiser featuring Miami Vince in Kirriemuir Town Hall in aid of Angus Solidarity for Refugees. I used the in-house lighting rig and desk for basic washes and band profiles, added some RGB LED tape & flood lighting to the front of the stage and then 2 t-bars of disco scanners, lasers and moonflowers. Then I added a 16" mirror ball and used the in-house follow spots to light it.

Angus Solidarity for Refugees with DD8 Music and Miami Vince at Kirriemuir Town Hall. Stage Lighting, disco lights and LEDs
Angus Solidarity for Refugees with DD8 Music and Miami Vince at Kirriemuir Town Hall. Stage Lighting, disco lights and LEDs

I also put LED fairy lights everywhere. I got to DJ before the band went on, and after they finished. There was also an after-party, where the laptop and fairy lights re-appeared.

Kirriemuir Town Hall Balcony with Stevie’s Fairy Lights
Laptop with DJ software at Angus Solidarity for Refugees in Kirrie Town Hall
After-party with Stevie’s fairy lights and LED lights

Webster Theatre Work

I’ve been working as FSOP and/or stage crew for such acts as Mad About The Musicals with Gareth Gates and Michael Courtney and Silver Bells with Leah Bell (probably the quickest load-out ever: 7 xmas trees with fairy lights and a hazer).

Wedding Disco

Last time I was at The Royal Tay Yacht Club was with the very talented Sellars Brothers with their Jazz Quintet for the Alba Real Ale Festival, crewing for audioWAVE. It was good to be back here, albeit with DJ Ross for a wedding disco. They had wine on tap.

Fairfield Bowling Club

Nothing to report, other than a scanner mirror getting broken and Fag Ash Lil having her chest hair waxed by DJ Ross in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Halloween Discos

I had a long weekend with DD8 Music doing Halloween discos for the Guides and Kirriemuir Thistle FC Football Club.

LED Disco Lights for Kirriemuir Guides Halloween Disco by Stevie C, Sound by DD8 Music
Disco Lights for Kirriemuir Thistle Football Club FC Halloween Disco in The Airle Arms Hotel Function Suite by DD8 Music


DD8 Music and Kirrie Rotary Club put on bands for fireworks night up the hill (Camera Obscura), so while on my biphasic sleep pattern, I headed up to sort out some lights. I was able to use my LED torch as a lightsaber in the fog, and demonstrate how not to install festoon harnesses. After a quick de-rig, I was off to Forfar to get the experience of DJing in a nightclub (Club One), which was fun.

2ManyDJs at The Forum

I was crewing for Audiowave at The Forum in Aberdeen for 2ManyDJs. We were installing a D&B C4 system with B2 infra-subs. I noticed that the gobos in the moving heads were identical to the ones in my disco scanners; ergo if I got to grips with DMX, I’d be able to put on a similar light show. I also spiked my boss’ drink, with electrical tape. Theatre joke.

Frankie Boyle

I thought I’d made the big time: crewing for Audiowave at The Caird Hall in Dundee with Frankie Boyle. That, and helping with PA for an office Xmas blues party in The Blue lamp in Aberdeen and a wrestling match in Lochee. Inevitably, somebody whined in the local rag about the poor sound in the Caird Hall, I was able to refute them - it was the ancient building acoustics at fault, not the sound system or the way it was setup.

Stevie C crewing for audioWAVE sound hire in Caird Hall Dundee installing D&B speakers for comedian Frankie Boyle.
Stevie C crewing for audioWAVE sound hire in Caird Hall Dundee installing D&B speakers for comedian Frankie Boyle.


Now I had too much work. While working at the Webster Theatre for Panto season, I missed a family member’s wedding. It was rewarding to get back into regular work, meet everyone again, and light up the Green Room with LED fairy lights. In the words of one of the actors, I made it a “Green Room you actually wanted to be in” - Woo Hoo.

The Webster Memorial Theatre Arbroath Green Room with Stevie C’s LED fairy lights for Xmas
The Webster Memorial Theatre Arbroath Green Room with Stevie C’s LED fairy lights for xmas Panorama

On my days off from the theatre, I was crewing for audioWAVE, supplying disco lights or DJing in The Salty Dog. I have quite an eclectic taste in and collection of music, but there’s always one who requests utter garbage. I had a bit of a fall-out with someone after one of my disco lights returned broken due to being incorrectly packaged. I was promptly pumped on the express shipping of the replacement parts. Via DD8, I got involved with a Santa’s Grotto at Kirriemuir Community Learning & Development which had lots of lights. I was crewing for a beer fest which definitely could have done with some lights, if only they knew…

Stevie C provided fairy lights for a kids Santa Grotto in Kirriemuir Community Learning and Development centre
Balmakewan Beer Fest. I wished I’d brought some lights. PA provided by audioWAVE Sound Hire.

DARE! Does Dundee

audioWAVE Sound Hire was booked for DARE! at Mains Castle, and DJ Ross was booked to play on the Chill-out Floor - so guess who was booked for lights and crew by each of them? A rare occasion when 3 gigs in one day (including Panto) goes according to plan. I borrowed a Time Turner from Hermione.

School Xmas Disco

I also spent a weekend babysitting a cat (or is it pet-sitting?) and DJing in the Salty Dog for Sunday Club. I had been asked to help DD8 Music do the Southmuir Primary Disco in Kirriemuir the following Monday. We had Yamaha DXR speakers, a Phonic mixer, scanners, lasers (aimed up high), moonflowers and a DJ laptop so simple a child could (and did) operate it. The video was filmed prior to kids arriving, for obvious reasons.

Around 7 at The Ploo

Having finished Panto early on Xmas eve, I was able to drop my LED lights home, pickup my A&H LAN cable and some LED floods and head to another gig: Around 7 at the Plough Inn. Time to exercise the audio grey cells.

Around 7 performing at The Plough Inn (The Ploo) Forfar

I had a day of rest on Xmas Day until returning to the pub to continue the de-rig. I took my wages to the Salty Dog Bampot Bash and Roots… at The Reading Rooms. I reflected on my once-obsolete lighting rig and how far I’d come in the past year. I pondered my next lighting acquisition.

Humganny (Hogmanay)

I didn’t get booked for Todd Terje, but I was booked with DJ Ross in The Salty from 6pm-Midnight, and Midnight - 3am in Klozet. Cue us transporting the gear Aristocats-style down the streets. We saw in the New Year clutching cables and DJ gear. The Broon Bairn calls it Humganny, and it’s stuck in my head.

R.I.P. Lemmy

This hit me hard and my words cannot do him justice. I still cannot believe it, nor do I want to. I grew up with Motörhead, they were the last band still together that I dreamed of touring for, and now that dream can never come true. I tried to get a couple of local bars on-board with the idea of a tribute night, maybe raising a Jack Daniels to his memory…

One More Thing…

Currently listening to: Motörhead, The Pogues, Elton John, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Aussie Floyd, The Blue Nile, Primal Scream, Ellie Goulding, FiniTribe, Frank Sinatra, Niteworks, Rick Astley, The Stranglers, The Shamen, Oasis, Marilyn Manson and Barry Manilow.

Time for the pub…