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1st Aug - 23rd Sep 2016…

Music At The Mill (Barry Mill)

I was asked to supply and install decorative lighting at Barry Mill for an annual day of live “Music At The Mill”. I love outdoor events such as these, partly because they replace Party In The Field - which is on hiatus.

an overview of the stage with festoons lights, led par cans and fairy lights at Barry Mill, Carnoustie

overview of the grounds of Barry Mill, Carnoustie

Barry Mill, Carnoustie. Beware the 3-legged man. :)

Although I supplied most of the lights you see, I also had the opportunity of working with someone from The Rep who supplied the LED batons that up-lit the walls, the LED PARs that lit up the courtyard and a festoon harness that in hindsight I should have used instead of my own on the front of the mill itself. I say this because the lamp holders are spaced at 1 meter apart on my harness; so when a 20 meter harness is doubled back on itself when somebody miscalculates the length of the roof, one side looks brighter than the other - but here’s the thing: only to me. The other harness was 15 meters but with lamp holders at 25cm spacing - which I thought would have been a bit too bright…

Artsy Light-bulb (lamp) close-up, filament. festoon harness on Barry Mill, Carnoustie. Light-bulbs (lamps) in a festoon harness casting a shadow against a brick wall, Barry Mill Carnoustie Festoon harness and LED PAR can lighting up the courtyard at night: Barry Mill, Carnoustie

Festoon lights lighting up Barry Mill :)

As well as LED fairy lights in the trees (cold & warm white for the big tree; RGBA for the orchard) surrounding the audience, I setup some LED color-changing floodlights high up in the branches, providing a smooth color wash on the branches and down below.

LED fairy light strings in the tree along with led floodlight at Barry Mill in Carnoustie Soft focus LED fairy light strings in the tree along with led floodlight at Barry Mill in Carnoustie

LED fairy light strings & LED floodlights in trees :)

There were more festoon lights in the band marquee acting as a decorative but functional general light source (on a separate circuit). Almost predictably, after putting brand-new lamps in the harnesses, a lamp went out of each harness after about an hour - by which time the bands were on-stage. In addition to the festoons & LED fairy lights there were LED PAR cans, LED floods and disco scanners also installed on the stage. I couldn’t help putting up a couple of Chinese paper lanterns…

Barry Mill music stage stage with LED PAR cans, floodlights, disco scanners Barry Mill music stage stage with LED PAR cans, floodlights, disco scanners

Music at Barry Mill band lights :)

I also paid some attention to the interior of the mill as well - with more RGBA fairy light strings and festoons above the ale bar, the hired LED batons lighting the walls, and some more festoons with Chinese paper lanterns (and my special hand-painted bulbs inside) inside the kiln/mingling area - which I forgot to take photos of…

The ale was from MòR Brewery and featured: Calm & Wise and Tea Vicar?

Music at Barry Mill Carnoustie. Inside the Kiln & Real Ale bar: festoon lights, LED fairy lights, Showtec LED batons

Music at Barry Mill Carnoustie. Night-time with lights in background.

Barry Mill Ale bar & night-time view :)

My life of a thousand words in one picture: colour festoon bulbs, tools, wine, cider, Chinese paper lanterns, LED tape, extension cords, DPM camo.

My life of a thousand words in one picture :)

Long weekend with DJ Ross

Ross and I had our work cut out: a night of disco in Klozet and then a birthday celebration in Roseangle art gallery.

DJ Ross playing at Klozet Dundee with Stevie C’s disco lights, scanners, LEDs and fairy light optics. DJ Ross playing a birthday at Roseangle Art Gallery Dundee with Stevie C’s disco lights, scanners, LEDs

DJ Ross playing Klozet Dundee & Roseangle Art Gallery :)

Little Problems

Why will no 9-to-5 employer even look at me, it’s not as if i’m unwilling to work as hopefully evidenced by this blog. At best, “No Experience Required” gets a reply of “Sorry, You Don’t Have Enough Experience For This Role”. I’m speaking about roles that aren’t “Customer Focused” (what isn’t these days?) - ie: what an Aspie would be better suited to. One such example was as a HPWJ operative - I’ve just finished pressure washing my garden slabs and garage roof, how much experience do I need?

Other such problems in the life of me is dodgy eBay sellers. I bought some cheap - there’s your first clue - LED par cans from eBay. I wasn’t expecting touring-grade performance but I was expecting some mileage out of them. They lasted 2 gigs before the PSU exploded, taking out the fuse in my ext cord and the MCB, but not their generous 13A fuse in the plug…

This is the point where the seller now pretends not to speak a word of english, but eventually tries to get me to send the units back via an untracked postal service I’ve never heard of - in return they promised to send a refund - all outside of the eBay ecosystem. While writing this entry as of 23 Sep, I was hunting for the seller’s name when I noticed they have offered to send another PARcan in return for me cancelling the request…

Inside a Chinese eBay Disco Light transformer switch mode PSU, pointless fan

Inside a Chinese eBay LED disco light, pointless fan. And Frankie Boyle.

As a side note: I removed the mains to low voltage switch-mode PSU that had blown up (I tried replacing the inrush metal-film resistor with another one, and made it go KABLAMMO! again) and fitted a DC jack; teaming it with a DC 12V 2A CCTV PSU, also from eBay. Now, just like the 1st generation eBay LED PARcans I also have, they seem to be holding up quite well. I ordered another variant of the light just to see what it was like, and inside was the same PSU sticking out like a sore thumb next to a seemingly pointless fan (there are no fins on the heatsink). So for anyone who fancies these; remove the horrible mains PSU and fit your own CCTV 12V PSU to it, but if you have the money, go for a Stairville from, at least then you get a warranty that’s worth the paper it’s written on.

Long weekend with audioWAVE: Alba Real Ale Fest & KT Tunstall

The Sellars Brothers Jazz Quintet playing at the Alba Real Ale Fest at The Royal Tay Yacht Club, Broughty Ferry. Sound by audioWAVE, lights by Steve Page.

So first of all we had The Alba Real Ale Festival at The Royal Tay Yacht Club in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. I was working as crew for audioWAVE, but the lights were done by a different Steve (Steve Page). What was cool was bumping into an old college audio lecturer who had gone to the dark side (environmental noise investigation). What was NOT cool was us having to keep the total sound from the stage & PA system below 90dB - all because of a moaning NIMBY nearby who not only isn’t home for the duration of the gig but also lives beside a much noisier rail line.

Alba Real Ale Festival at The Royal Tay Yacht Club in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. 5 samples of ale: Grape Vine, Bad Day At The Office, St Andrews, Loch Lomond & Harveystone Alba Real Ale Festival at The Royal Tay Yacht Club in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. Sound by audioWAVE, lighting by Steve Page.

Alba Real Ale Festival at RTYC :)

I had a very nice 5-cup sampler of the various 40+ ales on offer during the gig: Grape Vine, Bad Day At The Office, St Andrews, Loch Lomond & Harveystone. We would have had a slightly earlier night had it not been for Reece’s new best pal talking his ear off after de-rig about him wanting to set up a video production company with him.

Next day, audioWAVE was supplying a d&b system for a KT Tunstall gig at The Byre, Inchyra. No pics of the band for obvious reasons…

setting up audioWAVE d&b sound system for KT Tunstall at The Byre, Inchyra. Stevie C trying out the beef chilli with all the trimmings at KT Tunstall gig at The Byre, Inchyra

KT Tunstall at The Byre, Inchyra & Yummy Chilli :)

Cookies Disco

Ross and I had been asked to put on a disco in Cookies bar in the Hilltown, Dundee; it was great to finally get a disco going here (the owners of the venue also owned The Gauger, where I used to drink in a past life). This took place on a day I was originally booked for and cancelled again for: a crew gig, an outside lighting hire and a house party.

DJ Ross playing in Cookies Bar, Hilltown, Dundee. Salty Dog-style disco lights provided by Stevie C.

DJ Ross in Cookies, Hilltown :)

Now, normally when you power-on my LED disco lights, they either default into sound-to-light mode or all red LEDs on (R:55 G:0 B:0). This being a Celtic pub, guess what colour they all chose to start up in?

What happens in Cookies, stays in Cookies - and it has to be seen to be believed, dancing on the bar for instance. I’m not posting pics, you’ll just have to join us next time.

Kirriemuir Town Hall Wedding with Restless Natives

Stevie C Wedding Reception lights at Kirriemuir Town Hall: panoramic photo of Chinese paper lanterns, stage spotlights, LED fairy lights

Having being asked to do lights for an acquaintance’s wedding in Kirriemuir Town Hall, I had been planning this one for quite some time - that however didn’t stop things taking forever to be sent by eBay sellers (one seller eventually admitted they didn’t even bother sending the item, then got antsy when I left negative feedback). I setup as much as I could on the Thursday, the night before - with the usual brain-BSOD.

I arrived on Friday morning to continue where I left off, to discover that ALL the lovely LED strings I had put up with cheap (there’s that clue again) light hooks from eBay had fallen off the walls. In my defence these were bought when the more expensive ones got “lost in the post”. Desperate times called for Gaffa Tape, which no-one noticed or cared about once the main hall lights were off, and once they’d had a few…

Stevie C Wedding Reception lights at Kirriemuir Town Hall: Chinese paper lanterns, LED fairy lights Stevie C Wedding Reception lights at Kirriemuir Town Hall: Chinese paper lanterns, LED fairy lights

KTH Balcony fairy lights :)

It was again remarked by several of the wedding guests that they would not have noticed these things had I not drawn their attention to it - and that I notice things others don’t, over-think things and never know when to stop putting up lights (see: impostor syndrome). Anyhoo, I had the usual 2 T-bars of disco lights with some extra twin-scans, LED PARcans & floodlights, LED fairy lights around the perimeter walls and on the balcony in addition to Chinese paper lanterns, again with my special hand-painted bulbs inside. I was going to hang some lanterns on the middle lighting bar, but was unable to gain access to it as there was no pickle/manual lowering system or a ladder high enough (with safety rails). I’m not scared of heights, I’m scared of falling and stopping suddenly.

Stevie C Wedding Reception lights at Kirriemuir Town Hall: Chinese paper lanterns, LED fairy lights and hand-painted light bulbs

Lanterns with hand-painted bulbs :)

I also did a basic wash onstage for the band and hung a mirror ball which was lit by the in-house follow-spots when they weren’t on the cake, bride & groom, or random couples during the first dance.

Stevie C Wedding Reception lights at Kirriemuir Town Hall: LED tape light, follow-spot lighting a mirror ball, first dance Stevie C Wedding Reception lights at Kirriemuir Town Hall: LED tape light, follow-spot lighting a mirror ball, Restless Natives onstage

First Dance & Restless Natives :)

Queens Hotel Dundee Wedding

Speaking of busy weekends, I was pushed to get all the lighting gear out of Kirrie Town hall (somewhat worse for wear), back home and all sorted again, then myself showered, shaved and off to Dundee with half of the gear to meet DJ Ross for another wedding in The Queens Hotel. It went pretty smoothly, bar me leaving the laptop stand in The Salty Dog (a 10-minute walk away) and Ross’ mouse dying, leaving me to borrow one from the hotel…

DJ Ross playing a Wedding Reception Disco in The Queens Hotel Dundee

DJ Ross in The Queen’s Hotel, Dundee :)

I tried taking a selfie in front of a mirror, which reflected me taking a selfie in front of a mirror, which reflected me taking a selfie in front of a mirror, which reflected me taking a selfie in front of a mirror, but it was too washed out to publish.

RTYC Wedding Reception

Overview of Wedding and Tay River from The Royal Tay Yacht Club (Sailing in Dundee)

DJ Ross playing a Wedding Reception at The Royal Tay Yacht Club, Broughty Ferry, Dundee. Disco lights provided by Stevie C.

Not much to report here: another wedding reception with DJ Ross, back at the RTYC.

One More Thing…

While working for audioWAVE, Reece and I came up with an idea for a game-show: like the numbers round of Countdown - the contestants are given a resistor value at random, and they must make this with series/parallel combinations of 10 randomly chosen standard resistor values. #BigClive
Your value this week is 640 ohms.

Another One More Thing…

I’ve been asked to help with lighting for the Victoria Bar in Brechin. I’ll be there with DJ Ross on opening night. More info coming…

Stevie’s Top 40

If you haven’t already, you should go buy these on iTunes: The Trade: Fight Club, Jon Pleased Wimmin: Dancing In Heels (HiFi Sean Radio Edit), Sinderins & Leftfield: Alternative Light Source

  1. Universal Everything Leftfield
  2. No Tomorrow Suede
  3. Last Chance On The Stairway Duran Duran
  4. Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth The Dandy Warhols
  5. Giorgio by Moroder Daft Punk
  6. Don’t Be Scared (Of Yourself) (Paul Morrell Remix) Jon Pleased Wimmin
  7. Friday I’m In Love The Cure
  8. Born On The Bayou CCR
  9. Breadfan Budgie
  10. Sandstorm Cast
  11. Little By Little Oasis
  12. Can’t Go Back Primal Scream
  13. All Or Nothing The Small Faces
  14. They Don’t Own Me Richard Ashcroft
  15. The Other Boys (feat. Kylie) Nervo
  16. Retarded The Dandy Warhols
  17. Born Again Badly Drawn Boy
  18. Everybody Loves A Loser Morcheeba
  19. AKA… What A Life! Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  20. Little Fish Leftfield
  21. Since I Told You It’s Over Stereophonics
  22. Desire Ozzy Osbourne
  23. Adriatic Summer Nights Gramatik
  24. Parents Budgie
  25. Bad Penny Rory Gallagher
  26. Coup De Grace Motörhead
  27. In The Heat Of The Moment Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  28. What Do You Want From Me The Australian Pink Floyd Show
  29. I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix) Groove Armada
  30. I Want to Know What Love Is Foreigner
  31. Heels (HiFi Sean Remix) Jon Pleased Wimmin
  32. Fight Club The Trade
  33. First Of The Gang To Die Morrissey
  34. Irish Blood, English Heart Morrissey
  35. All You Need Is Me Morrissey
  36. Money Pink Floyd
  37. Down In The Sewer The Stranglers
  38. Love Song Simple Minds
  39. You Give Me Pain APB
  40. Casual Encounter Divinyls

Emit redder time? Time for the pub…