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Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

Happy 2016

January - April 2016

Hit The Ground Running

I enrolled for HTGR: a 2-day course supported by BECTU Vision aimed at people interested in working as a production runner for film & TV drama. I wondered if it would resemble watching a Charlie Brooker How To Work In TV special. It felt like I was back at college, yet again as one of the older students. We were introduced to each other, then paired off for the various discussion modules, challenges - including a scavenger hunt across Dundee - and tutorials covering scripts, technical instructions/production paperwork, basic radio and communication skills and on-site etiquette.

We had an in-depth CV workshop, a one-to-one CV feedback interview and 3 lectures from industry professionals. We had a bit of mingling time to discuss our individual/career interests (acting, writing, editing, animation, narration, designing, producing, filming) - I was interested in Foley and vision mixing. I left the course with a renewed eagerness to make a go of this, but with the warning from one of the professionals that I’d probably have to stick to this field (as opposed to crewing for lighting, then sound, then TV…) to be even moderately successful.

Woodlands Hotel Wedding

My mood was elevated when DJ Ross and I were asked to do a gay wedding at The Woodlands Hotel in Broughty Ferry.

House Party

We were also invited to a house party, a bit of work, a bit of fun.

House Party disco lights and lasers
House Party bar with decorative LED RGB mood lighting
House Party with decorative LED RGB flood lights

The Clan Function Suite

Downfield FC Social Club

Not much to report. Amazingly refurbished venue. A small person jumped on one of my lights and broke it.

Pond Floyd

Needing a night out, I went to see Pond Floyd at Beat Generator Live! Dundee - having missed Stop The Clocks umpteen times. I can’t take credit for the lights, but again, they look like something I could reasonably aspire to doing with my kit. I might have had a few and bugged the lampie (for 30 seconds, after the gig had finished); partly to say thanks for such an amazing light show, and partly to get his number - which I put into my phone with a bonus digit. I have no idea which one.

The Clan Function Suite.

Again. This time it was JJs 60th.

Art For Art’s Sake

Our next pieces are by local artists Mitch and whoever spilt paint on the theatre workshop floor respectively.

Local artist Mitch art for sale in the Tate Modern
Abstract/Impressionist Art produced by the tech crew of The Webster Memorial Theatre Arbroath

Happy 5th Birthday

The Salty Dog became another year older.

Salty Dog Dundee 5th Birthday Party: disco lights and LEDs in the void
Salty Dog Dundee 5th Birthday Party: disco lights and LEDs in the main bar
Salty Dog Dundee 5th Birthday Party: some rather funny and rude party plates

A Whine.

Multinational home-wares outlets are not charities; please can we stop voting governments in who force people to work for free in these hellholes.

Invergowrie Inn

DJ Ross and I were asked to play a function disco in the Invergowrie Inn.

DJ Ross and Stevie C play a function disco for a Birthday Party in The Invergowrie Inn

One More Thing…

Ever heard of a “Playlist For Life”? DD8 Music became part of the Beech House Dementia Unit initiative and will latterly be joining the Dementia Friendly Kirriemuir project where they use music as therapy to help combat the effects of Alzheimer’s. Basically, music can be used to trigger an emotional response (something those in advertising have known a long time) and revive memories or ideas embedded in the brain. DD8 Music are using the tactile sensory stimulation of the playback medium to improve the therapy.

The idea of PFL is to generate a playlist in iTunes (etc) of about 100 entries that help you relate to something meaningful, for use at a later time.

Further Reading (I never thought I’d type that again):
PlayListForLife.org.uk, DD8 Music in Kirriemuir: The Courier, 5 Reasons Why Music Boosts Brain Activity, Age UK: Dementia and music

Playlist For Life Pt 1

  1. Universal Everything — Leftfield
  2. The Wizard — Paul Hardcastle
  3. River’s Rising — Joe Cocker
  4. I Want To Know What Love Is — Foreigner
  5. China Girl — David Bowie
  6. Ace Of Spades — Motörhead
  7. Song 2 — Blur
  8. Walk All Over You — AC/DC
  9. You Could Be Mine — Guns N’ Roses
  10. All You Need Is Me — Morrissey
  11. While My Wiki Gently Leaks — John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto
  12. Comfortably Numb — The Australian Pink Floyd Show
  13. Sorrow — Pink Floyd
  14. Tinseltown In The Rain (Matt Mix) — The Blue Nile
  15. Fine Time — Cast
  16. No Particular Place To Go — Chuck Berry
  17. Never Enough — The Cure
  18. That Beat — Avrosse
  19. Trippin’ On Your Love — Primal Scream
  20. On My Mind — Ellie Goulding
  21. Science — FiniTribe
  22. The Eagle Has Landed — The Fiddlin’ Bens & Heavy Friends
  23. Be Mine — Ben Delay
  24. Mambo No. 5 — Lou Bega
  25. The Other Boys (feat. Kylie Minogue) — NERVO
  26. Rockhopper — Niteworks
  27. The Dying Of The Light — Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  28. Breadfan — Budgie
  29. Mixed Emotions (12" Version) — The Rolling Stones
  30. Hanging Around — The Stranglers
  31. T-Shirt Sun Tan — Stereophonics
  32. Raised On Rock — Scorpions
  33. Delorean Dynamite — Todd Terje
  34. No Tomorrow — Suede
  35. Out The Blue — Sub Focus
  36. Shut Up and Dance — Walk The Moon
  37. Club Tropicana — Wham!
  38. Trying For Tomorrow — The Wyre
  39. Minor Earth Major Sky — A-Ha
  40. Music Club — Chase & Status
  41. Ebeneezer Goode — The Shamen
  42. D’You Know What I Mean? — Oasis
  43. Coma Black — Marilyn Manson
  44. High Hopes — Pink Floyd
  45. Creamy Taco — Opiuo
  46. 80s Fitness (Reso Remix) — KOAN Sound
  47. Short Story — The Sellars Brothers Jazz Quintet
  48. Watch Your Back — Hanney
  49. Supersonic — Oasis
  50. Sledgehammer (Live) — Peter Gabriel

What am I doing?