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Roadie: lighting tech, stage crew, spot-op, sound engineer, DJ.

Mrs Trump is Dead

September - December 2016

The Panto baddie that is, before I get hate-mail from rabid right-wingers. She, like Mrs McGlumphy before her, passed away after a month of headaches and health scares.

Love Music, Hate Racism

Who would need to be told either of these things? I had an early start for audioWAVE PA Hire in the Caird Square for a day of diverse music. My Windows Phone died during filming, so I had to change to the iPod midway.

Blair’s leaving do

DJ Ross was asked to play a friend’s leaving do in the newly-refurbished Clan Function Suite in Lochee, Dundee.

DJ Ross plays Blair’s leaving do party in The Clan Function Suite in Lochee, Dundee.

Victoria Bar Brechin

Take my advice, when asked to do work for anyone (especially a bar), get something in writing or get money up front, no matter how friendly they are. I was asked to help refurb The Victoria Bar in Brechin.

Inside The Victoria Bar, Brechin. Once nicknamed The Flying Glass.

Once nicknamed “The Flying Glass”, it had a Barred List as big as the pub itself. I was asked to come in and get the two jukeboxes and flatscreen TVs working, rip out the dangerous wiring and bodges left by the previous owner, spec energy efficient lighting and install some decorative LED lighting. Despite going above and beyond for the 2 new owners, they did their level best to avoid paying me. The BarStewards still have my fan heater.

Jukebox PC & power amp innards, power supply repair. Victoria Bar Brechin.
Victoria Bar Brechin, Refurb Opening Night with DJ Ross
Victoria Bar Brechin, Refurb Opening Night with DJ Ross

Rhumba Club

I was crewing for audioWAVE at Rhumba Club in The Ice Factory, Perth. It was an absolute BarSteward carrying those B2 subs up those flights of stairs.

Charlie Bar

DJ Ross and I were doing a disco in the Charleston Bar Function Suite, (Lochee) Dundee. Instead of going for my usual donder around other nearby pubs while he’s DJing, I elected to plonk myself in front of The Charlie Bar upstairs. While setting up, I noticed an empty lamp holder hanging over the customer seating area (in perfect reach of kids). A prod with my VoltStick confirmed it was live. Darren told me to inform the bar staff and leave it at that, as even taping it over with lx tape would leave me partially liable had anything bad happened. I took his advice. Shocking.


Even more shocking was the substation with the most amazing noise and Arcing right next door, which I managed to get close to with my camera.

Kirrie Xmas Lights Fundraiser

I was involved again with DD8 Music, this time putting lights into Kirrie Town Hall for a Santa’s Grotto fundraiser thing. Someone pinched a set of fairy lights from me - they were battery ones powered from a Nokia phone charger…

Suppurating Away

Another month of guaranteed employment meant I could stop stressing and enjoy working at The Webster Theatre’s production of Sinbad, written and directed by John Binnie.

Lou (another stage tech) didn’t believe us about theatre superstitions, for example the “M word”. Just like telling the bees when someone dies - I know it’s superstitious, but I’d rather be safe instead of the bees all buggering off. So she shouted the M Word, went to use the green room microwave, and it blew up.

The porridge fairy hated me, though not as much as the electrical fairy, who caused the breaker box buss bar feeding my follow-spot to arc over and lose connection mid-show.

One of the Dame’s lines - not unlike the music from Frozen - will remain in my head forever: “I’m suppurating away… Aww, ma plook just burst!”

As tradition requires, I put loads of fairy lights up in the green room.

LED Fairy Lights in the green room of the Webster Memorial Theatre, Arbroath
LED Fairy Lights in the green room of the Webster Memorial Theatre, Arbroath
LED Fairy Lights in the green room of the Webster Memorial Theatre, Arbroath

Salty Dog Charity Night

The Salty Dog was holding a charity night in aid of the Dundee Foodbank. As well as helping with sound, I painted some lightbulbs to be sold, with 100% of the money being donated to the cause.

Hand-painted Rainbow light bulbs (lamps) sold at auction in The Salty Dog in aid of the Dundee Foodbank.

Custom LED Lights

In my downtime, I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied. Recently, I’ve been converting tungsten fairy lights to LED by use of a capacitive dropper to feed them from the mains supply. Thus, saving an old set of lights from landfill. I occasionally also make light art with the end products by messing with the exposure settings on my camera.

I might have an addiction to LEDs. I buy them in tenner bags from dealers on street corners.
An old set of tungsten fairy lights converted to LED and running happily off the mains via a capacitive dropper.
Stevie C’s light art, made from custom converted LED lights.

4 Show Day

As well as 2 Pantomime shows by day, I had a function disco in Club 67 (The Celtic Clubbie) and a pub disco (in Klozet) with DJ Ross later that night. I’ll stress that I was only the tech for Ross, not the support act before him. A customer suggested I should be sacked for being late for the support starting, despite not being employed by the act or venue.


DJ Ross had been booked pretty solidly by Klozet, and it was around this time that a trump supporter moved in above the pub (knowing full well of the volume levels emitted beforehand), and started lodging noise complaints. It was also around this time a noise enforcement officer threatened to confiscate my LIGHTS because of the noise. Idiot.

DJ Ross in Klozet Dundee, disco lights by Stevie C
DJ Ross in Klozet Dundee, disco lights by Stevie C
DJ Ross in Klozet Dundee, disco lights by Stevie C


DJ Ross was playing on the top floor of Mains Castle, as part of DARE! Does Dundee. I bought Ross some USB LED lights for his laptop for Xmas.

Main floor and upper floor PA supplied by LS Light & Sound.

One More Thing…

Tom Scott created The Pogues Game. The rules: go as long as you can in December without listening to “Fairytale of New York”. The person who goes the longest without hearing it wins. As I work in theatre, specifically Xmas Panto, I failed at the first hurdle.