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Stevie C Web Code
Stevie C Web Code

The History:

I started my website in April 2006, and it has slowly evolved from badly constructed frames & Harry Potter GIFs to an online CV of sorts ever since.

Whilst having my own website was always very dear to me, I was told at college how vital it would be for Audio/Lighting work. As a class, we were encouraged to “Go Sign Up For A Free Online Website Builder Like Webs, Wix, Moonfruit Or One Of The Many Others Available…”

When you ignore the “CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR OWN!” banners, the masses of client-side scripting, the non-availability of server-side scripting, the non-standards compliant markup (“who really cares anyway?”) and the fact that you are surrendering control of your data to a Cloud company - there are quite a few templates and styles to choose from. But they are just that - templates. Would you perform a mixing session and just use other people’s plugin presets? Why bother recording at all - why not just use GarageBand samples?

My attitude has always been “If you can, you probably should” - actually I’m pretty sure that was from an old cable TV commercial. Anyhoo… My web site is 100% my own, and not a company’s stock template. I learned about the web by doing stuff with the web.

The initial site wasn’t a visual Cave of Wonders, but creating it taught me a lot about HTML coding, CSS, JavaScript, image compression, web standards, accessibility, file formats and such. Code by notepad, graphics by MS Paint. iFrames (not an Apple product) aside, developing my website over the years has enabled me to acquire a vast array of web-orientated skills.

The Tech Stuff:

After an Apple update wiped out my iWeb project, I migrated back to Windows XP - with Notepad++ to develop my magical markup code, while using GIMP for graphics and FileZilla as an FTP client. My site is coded using HTML, CSS, ASP and a wee bit of XML and JavaScript.
And it validates. Woo Hoo!

I have strived to ensure that my site is as standards compliant as possible. As such, my site operates the way I want it to on Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

While there are no major incompatibilities with Microsoft Internet Explorer, my site just looks much better in Firefox.

Please bear in mind that I am primarily a sound engineer and lighting tech - and not a web designer. Thanks.

Written with Notepad plus Standards Compliant HTML 4.01 to W3C Regulations Coded in Microsoft Active Server Pages Microsoft .NET Web Technologies Hosting by Go Daddy Optimized for Mozilla Firefox