Stevie C’s Roadie Bio

Stevie C is a sound guy :)


Sound Engineering BSc

Favourite Quotes:

“A clever person solves a problem.
A wise person avoids it”

 - Albert Einstein

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”

 - Aristotle

“I’d rather be hated for who I am than be loved for who I am not”

 - Kurt Cobain

“Don’t start to think you’re cool because that’s when things blow up”

 - Matt McGinn

“Work is more fun than fun”

 - Noël Coward

“[It’s the music], not the drugs or the sex or the rock ‘n’ roll behaviour”

 - Noel Gallagher

“Bands make it Rock,
but Roadies make it Roll”

 - Roadie [1980]

Stevie’s favourite music:
Stevie enjoys an extremely mixed variety of music, here’s a small sample:
AC/DC Opiuo Oasis Ozzy Osbourne Goldie Lookin Chain The Rolling Stones Dub Pistols Fatboy Slim GRiZ Stereophonics Motörhead The Shamen Sub Focus Boys Noize The Levellers Groove Armada Morrissey Big Country Pet Shop Boys APB FC Kahuna Thievery Corporation J Majik & Wickaman Alabama 3 Quantic Boy George Todd Terje Rudimental Jose Gonzalez The Cure Rammstein Jon Hopkins New Atlantic Scorpions Nirvana 808 State Morcheeba Ed Sheeran EELS Rory Gallagher Men At Work Pink Floyd Binärpilot Katie Melua Van Morrison Guns n Roses The Cinematic Orchestra Madeleine Peyroux The Smiths

All about Stevie C

Stevie C has been captivated by music and lights all his life. What better job for him than to be a Roadie?

He enrolled at Perth College UHI in 2007 to kick start his journey into all things audio. Audio aside, he is also involved in AV, lighting, discos, multimedia, computers and electronics in general. He has since had the experience of working with some amazing performers - including a jazz quintet he recorded in a basement bar…

“Roadie” describes everything Stevie is and does. Matt McGinn claims that “Roadie” has become a dirty word. Stevie disagrees.
What’s in a name? Whether you call him a “Technician”, an “Engineer” or a “Roadie”, Stevie has the same skills & experience and performs the same duties.

Skills and experience:
Stevie is very technologically minded. From software to hardware, he can set up, configure and use many DAW packages, operating systems, mixing desks, lighting controllers, vision mixers, loudspeaker management systems, lighting fixtures and so on…

He has experience with local PA Hire companies, community organizations and venues, private hires, pubs & clubs, theatres, exhibitions, church halls and festivals. By working in these locations he is constantly developing his skills of tech crewing, systems wiring, stage lighting, disco lighting, multi-feed vision mixing, camera operation, live multi-track recording, sound design, location recording and FOH & MON mixing - as well as the interpersonal skills required to communicate with clients and production staff.

Career objectives:
Stevie C’s main area of expertise is with live sound reinforcement - although he has also applied himself to studio & location recording, vision mixing and lighting of various types.

Stevie continually undertakes different types of work to learn more and thus develop the knowledge and skills that he has acquired - and is now more confident and assertive of himself and his abilities.

Work attitude:
Stevie puts his best effort into what he does because this is something that he enjoys doing - even including the 4am load-outs. Being a Roadie is far more than a job for him.

It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll…… but he loves it.

Stevie C’s philosophy:
Being a Techie/Roadie is the only thing he could ever do - as Lemmy contends: “Let’s face it, I’m not going to quit and become a brain surgeon or anything else”.

As Noël Coward said, “work is more fun than fun”.
There aren’t many people that can say that - and mean it.
Stevie C is probably one of the few who can.

Being a Roadie is more fun than fun.