Stevie C Alive & Amplified

Stevie, Soundcraft

High Tech & Low Life

Whilst at college I have been trained on a Soundcraft GB8, MH2 & Spirit LX7 as well as a Mackie TT24 digital desk. I have since gained further practical knowledge on a Yammy 01V, Allen & Heath ZED-428, GL-3300 and a Midas H3000, as well as my beloved Peavey XR1212.

By studying acoustics and systems design I learnt how to spec a PA system to the size of an audience, tune it to a venue, make the instruments sound good and get the most out of the system. I am also familiar with “squeaking out” speaker systems - whether this is accomplished by ear or by spectrum analysis.

With sound production theory I have learned about electronic circuitry - this has been vital for me when working with electronic equipment in a safe working manner. For example, I can connect up a series of loudspeakers to an amp rack and ensure that the combined speaker impedance isn’t too much or too little for the amplifier.
I am also able to repair and test equipment such as mic leads and rackmount processors.

Heb Celt Fest Scotlands Islands Stage

I have worked at gigs including the Heb Celt Fest, Live in the Den and various gigs in and around Dundee and Angus.
I have had experience with rigging, crewing, stage construction, health and safety checks, stage lighting, DMX programming, special effects, video feeds, multimedia projections, live recording, post gig mixing, system configuration, squeaking out the monitors and rigging the stage areas.

Overall, I love live sound. I love the experience of learning and working in a professional environment while having fun on noise, lights, takeaways, multivitamins, “wee hours” load-outs and 4 hours of sleep a night. By getting involved with gigs I’m able to indulge my specialisms of lighting teching, rigging and sound teching whilst learning at the same time.