Stevie C’s Fantasy Band

My fantasy band:

Below is my fantasy band - obviously I couldn’t include everyone that I wanted, even if there are some oddities included.
I took some inspiration from Big Band music (Ambrose and his Orchestra etc) and Slipknot (who have about three drummers).

So, without further delay…

Drums & Percussion
Mikkey Dee, in the style of:
Steve Moore (the drummer at the wrong gig), with
Phil Collins’ drum machine
Bass Guitar
Bob Dylan
Chris Lowe
Neil Tennant
Electric Guitars
Kurt Cobain
Noel Gallagher
Acoustic Guitar
Syd Barrett
Brass & Strings
The London Symphony Orchestra
Lee Thompson
Miles Davis
Backing Vocals
Bon Scott
Colin Angus
Justin Bieber
Lead vocals
Ozzy Osbourne
Production Manager
Alan Parsons
Stevie C, obviously

Coming soon: The mixtape featuring only artists who have choked on their own vomit.
Better than choking on someone else’s I suppose.