Stevie C in the Studio

MTA 980/Pro Tools HD mix & re-amp

A day on the desk

Stevie Mixing on an MTA 980

At college, I have been trained on several mixing desks - these being: the MTA 980 & MTA 990, The Digidesign Control 24 & D-Command, the Amek Einstein, and small format desks such as the Alesis Firewire Multimix and Roland VS-840.

Glyn John Mic Setup

I have experimented with microphone techniques such as multi-guitar cab miking, ambient miking, close & distant miking, surround miking, double snaring and The Glyn Johns Technique to name a few. In addition, I have also experimented with recording my own reverb in a stairwell by feeding a drum mix out of a monitor wedge and recording the resulting reverb back into Pro Tools via an array of microphones (as seen in the video).

Reamp, Stevie Style

I have worked with solo artists and bands of many genres and have recorded sessions both all at once in the same studio space - and separately in isolated booths and studio floors with multiple re-takes, overdubs, re-snares and re-amps. It has been said that I have somewhat of a re-amping and acoustic re-triggering obsession.