Stevie C’s Testimonials

Stevie C - Top bloke!! Super-helpful and on it.
Brian Livingstone, Production House Group

Every time Stevie has worked for me, he has been competent, his timekeeping has been good, he works well with the bands and has a good work attitude.
audioWAVE PA Hire

Major shout out to Stevie C your lights have blinded me lol xx
Ross McGillivray, The Salty Dog Dundee

Stevie C did a fantastic job with lighting for my hubbies’ old punk-themed 50th birthday party. He lit the snug with very soft lighting which was relaxing for the older members of the party and the main hall was lit amazingly, ensuring a great atmosphere. Everyone was amazed with the lighting effects. Stevie asks what you are looking for and puts a lot of thought into getting it right for you. Best man for the job, big or small.
Liz Reid

Stage looked fantastic. Some job Stevie C!
Ciarán Quigley, DD8 Music

Stevie makes a band sound great while doing amazing lighting!
Graham Galloway, DD8 Music

Great job with the lights. Created a great atmosphere :)
Aileen MacDonald

Stevie is very dedicated to what he does and shares a strong passion for sound and getting the job done. Despite the odds of time and lack of people, Stevie alone was able to keep track of all the problems that needed addressed to secure a professional sound for an important performance.
Ricky Cocozza

Stevie is serious about sound and music.
Scott Donald, Miami Vince

Stevie has a unique approach to sound that really works!
Andy Wardle, Perth College