Stevie C’s Projects & PCBs.

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I plan to sell my PCB kits via eBay, but will only be able to ship within the UK.

These projects are published without warranty and for personal use only.

Most of these projects require tools such as a soldering iron (I prefer an Antex XS25), solder (I prefer 60/40 SnPb), side cutters, wire strippers, a glue gun… and some good choons.

I’ll provide component order codes/links where applicable.

Bonsai Flower PCB

A 9-LED flower PCB inspired by a smaller PCB from BigClive; designed to operate on 12V and forms a bonsai plant when soldered onto solid-core wires and bunched with dozens or even hundreds of other flower PCBs.

9-LED bonsai flower custom PCB kit for 12V

The Bonsai Plant

After soldering together all my (and Clive’s) Bonsai PCBs, I had to grow them into a plant. I designed a separate marshalling PCB for the base.

LED Bonsai Plant project made with custom PCBs

Bonsai Base PCBs

To aid assembly of the bonsai plants, I designed & manufactured base PCBs (glorified power marshalling boards) for use on 12V and 5V (codenames BFO-Bonsai and USBonsai respectively). Version 2.0 of the design (codename Ha-Lo) allows an LED tape RGB or RGBW controller to be used to sequence or dim the bonsai flowers remotely.

Bonsai PCB base - a power marshalling PCB for all the flower stems


Grow an LED flower PCB that chases patterns across and around the petals - powered by a PICAXE 14M2 microprocessor. I designed 5V/USB and 12V versions.

PIC-a-Flower: a custom LED Bonsai Flower PCB - sequenced by a PICAXE 14M2

PIC-a-Flower RGB

Evolution of a project. Grow an RGB LED flower that chases patterns across its petals - powered by a PICAXE 18M2 microprocessor. Not for beginners due to the trickiness of soldering the 4 LED pins.

PIC a Flower: RGB version. Program any LED chase sequence with 7-color mixing courtesy of a PICAXE 18M2 microprocessor.

5V Flower PCB

A 9-LED PCB designed to operate on 5V DC. Available in 2 versions; for eighth-watt resistors and SIL packages.

5V LED Bonsai flower PCBs - perfect for USB powered projects

Jojoba Bunny PCB

A cute lil Bunny PCB, modelled on a cute Bunny called Jojoba and powered from 240V mains electricity. Featuring slow colour changing LEDs, suitable for installation into a picture frame or a recycled LED floodlight case.

Jojoba the cute little RGB LED PCB Bunny.

#WeMakeEvents PCB

Show your support for live events and theatre by soldering this #WeMakeEvents custom LED PCB. Just because the government and media ignored us doesn’t mean that your friends, colleagues and family have to.

Show your support for live events and theatre by soldering & displaying this #WeMakeEvents custom LED PCB. Just because the government and media ignored us doesn’t mean that your friends, colleagues and family have to.

F*** The Tories PCB

Display your voting intentions with pride.
F*** squandering billions of public money.
F*** corruption and sleaze.
F*** the Tories.

Fuck the tories - a rude custom PCB which you can solder to show your voting intentions. Fuck corruption, sleaze and misappropriation of public money.

PAR56 Retrofit PCB

Designed to retrofit a tungsten Parcan lamp, allowing it to be used with LEDs thus saving it from landfill. Accepts standard 5/8/10mm LEDs and quarter-watt carbon film resistors. Can be controlled via a DMX decoder, LED tape driver or lit constantly from a DC 12V supply. Available in 5mm RGB 3/6ch and 10mm 3/4ch LED options.

PAR56 LED lamp retrofit PCB for 5mm, 8mm & 10mm LEDs. Can be used with quarter-watt resistors and a DMX decoder, LED tape driver or 12V DC power.


A smaller PCB designed to fit into PAR36 pinspots. I can’t find narrow-enough beam LEDs, but it still revives an old pinspot if you simply want a small beam of light. I have 2 versions: a 2-LEDs-in-series PCB with optional rectifier PCB for use with the existing 6V transformer, and a 12V one for use with a 12V PSU.

PAR 36 Pinspot LED retrofit PCB


A whimsically-named project (think: Gallium ARSEnide), inspired by BigClive’s Gallium PCB. This PCB allows you to install 3-10mm LEDs, along with a TruSemi M34 flasher IC to make the LED blink.

The LEDs start up in-sync, but quickly lose sync and become more random.

ARSE: A whimsically named PCB which houses TruSemi M34 flasher ICs and any size of LEDs one desires.

LA07984 PCB

Catchy name - rolls off the tongue. A retrofit PCB for the 1.5W 80 Lumen LED wall lights from CPC. There’s currently 2 versions: 12 LEDs with eighth-watt resistors; and 10 LEDs with a single quarter-watt resistor and a PICAXE micro for Knight Rider/Cylon Eye effects. Both run at 5V, or 12V with a regulator.

I’m working on versions for: SIL resistors and 240V mains power.

CPC LA07984 1.5W 80 Lumen LED Rectangular wall light retrofit PCB for custom LED and PICAXE effects. Part: PEL01324

Custom Lightbulbs

I’ve made a selection of mains-powered LED and Neon lightbulbs using the bases from recycled compact fluorescent lamps. There’s even a recycled Buckfast Tonic Wine Bottle Bulb.

A selection of my custom light bulbs, made from LEDs or Neon using solid core wire and recycled compact fluorescent lamp bases

Test Tube Bulbs

I’ve also constructed several test tube lamps/bulbs - some LED, some Neon, some Neon relaxation oscillators.

A custom test tube bulb containing rainbow/pastel coloured side-emitting LEDs

The Hard Hat of Light & Death

AKA The PPE of Questionable Safety. Ideal for showing off all your mains lightbulb creations.

Based on yet another BigClive project, this turns any boring old hard hat into a mega mains lamp holder of death (if you’re daft enough to stick your finger into it).

Custom lightbulb holder: The Hard Hat Lamp Holder - PPE of questionable safety. An OSHA/HSE manual just burst into flames.

BCDC Gallium

I downloaded and ordered some of Big Clive’s Gallium PCB designs. I’ve assembled way too many of them with different types and combinations of LEDs, but I’m still not bored of them.

I downloaded, ordered and assembled Big Clives Gallium PCBs with various different colours and combinations of LED - this one is selection of different flashing colours

Fairy Lights

I enjoy converting old burned out sets of tungsten fairy lights (Christmas lights) to LED. Not only saving them from landfill and giving them a new lease of life, but also creating colourful sets that cannot be bought in any shop.

I’ve also designed a capacitive dropper PCB to complement these fairy lights.

I convert old burned out tungsten fairy lights into custom LED ones

Power PCBs

Ideal for use with your own custom LED fairy lights (Christmas lights) creations.

The mains capacitive dropper is based on the eBoo products of the same style, but with greater track separation and support for multiple capacitor sizes.

I also designed a PSU for 6-24V, for running LEDs from Pinspot transformers and the like.

Mains capacitive dropper and low voltage rectifier power supply PCBs

Neon Fairy Lights

I had a go at making some of the Neon fairy lights that Big Clive demonstrated on his channel. I also made a version that incorporated a relaxation oscillator driver PCB for extra random flashiness.

A string of custom-made Neon fairy lights

Das VoltZeichen

A USB-powered PCB that fits into an 8x10 which allows you to spell out any message comprising 21 characters on 3 lines. I gave it a German name because, reasons.

Das VoltZeichen: a PCB that allows one to spell out any message with 5mm LEDs - powered by 5V USB

Neon Flower Dome

The PCB for this project is available in regular, and MAHOOSIVE sizes. Designed for use with those Cloche Bell Jars available from eBoo.

The PCB is designed for neon “Nixie” flowers and drives them as a relaxation oscillator.

Neon Nixie flower dome cloche bell jar thingy


This was one of my first projects; an LED tree comprising solid-core wire stems, a tea-light holder and USB cable to power the LEDs. I later assembled BigClive’s LED tree PCB kit which accomplishes a similar effect.

An LED tree that fits in a shot glass or tea-light holder and runs from USB power

Painted Bulbs

Yes, I know they’re called lamps. I’ve been doing this with incandescent lamps/bulbs for years, if not decades. Initially just for fun, they’ve since found their use in lighting hires I do (eg for Pride Festivals or weddings). I use Pebeo water-based paints for this simple yet amazing effect, even with modern LED lightbulbs.

Hand painted lightbulb lamp - water-based Pebeo hand paints

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